In service for six years, and hosted over 2,700 groups. Subscribe to use Clan Labs for as low as $5 a month, and automate your group progression and management.

Why choose Clan Labs?

A proven, useful group management tool.

Discord and API

Bring your database, to your game. Manage your group's settings from Discord, and use our API to start scripting experience, blacklist, and more right into your roblox game.

Customer Support

Get help from experienced users. Our staff actively use our service in their own groups, and are able to answer your questions. If you're still having problems the developers can help you directly.

Group Management

Run a productive administration. Keep your clan safe with verification required admin commands, tailor permissions to role levels, use analytics to make executive marketing decisions, and have full access to it on the dashboard.

Tutorial Videos

Clan Labs helps you manage your group from Discord!

We provide guides for our customers to be able to setup our service to meet their needs and understand the features we provide. If you can't find anything documented, talk to our customer service for support.

Join the Discord for Support

Features on Demand

Providing free new updates and maintenance.

We work on unique and helpful tools to our system every week to help give you the tools to modernize, organize, and increase your clans quality of life.


Use our dynamic experience system, to enable your members to be promoted throughout your ranks for activity awarded by officers.

Keep track of your member's activity and have a historical log of how often your members are completing their assigned quotas.

Don't want someone progressing in your clan? Use the blacklist to prevent them from being promoted or gaining experience.

Award your members using our medals system to show off on their profiles, and put a spin on it by adding your own emote icons.

Keep a record of users misbehaviors by using our warning citations which show up on their profiles. This will help decrease misbehavior and keeping track of users who may cause you issues.

We track and store data on your group member count, game visits, favorites, game product and gamepass sales. You'll be able to see how well your clan is doing and profiting over the period of several months.


Us vs. Others

Why you may want to choose us.

We've been around for
6 years


Other developers may quit on your group, normally after an internal dispute from ranks or arguing over payment.


We care about our service, and plan to continue running indefinitely for the years to come!

Every feature is


Your cost with a contracted developer may drive up as you need more features to run effectively. Most developers may charge a large sum as well as additional hosting fees, while we're only $5 a month.


We will never raise our price, every update is free to paying subscribers!

Our service runs


Getting a new database functional takes time, and requires months of debugging and testing, it's not always proven to work and you have to hope it does get fixed.


You can run your clan with our service by following our tutorial video on how to set it up, many clans that use us run without issue.

Our service is


Depending on who you hire, you may have issues with being able to trust your developer to not backdoor your game and possibly mass admin abuse.


We manage over 2,700 groups and share no bias towards one or another as we're a neutral party that simply wants your group to thrive.

We keep your data


Not every developer knows best practices, and may host the data in a manner that is exploitable, and once gone, can't be restored.


Every clan has their own credentials, and API security settings. Our databases are backed up daily, and you can request to download any data stored at any time.

We keep you


You may not always get updates on changes, or know if a command is properly documented with a new service or contracted developer, which cause delays in help.


We actively announce our updates, and every command has examples with their syntax, we also have a staff team experienced with the service to help.

Our mission statement

Be the most accessible, reliable, and affordable service.

Multiple Genres

We're part of different communities - Star Wars, Modern Military, Sci-Fi Military, Roleplay Groups, Sword Clans, SCP, Restaurants, and more.

Experienced Developers

The developers behind the service are experienced in web and game development, to help you have the best tools on discord and integrate our service into your roblox games.

Great Price

We constantly add new updates for the same affordable price of $5 a month. Patrons who want to spend longer with our service get discounts.



Choose a subscription that fits your needs.

1 Month / 30 Days


3 Months / 90 Days


6 Months / 180 Days


12 Months / 360 Days



Still not sure about Clan Labs?

Talk to us on Discord or Twitter so we can help figure out if our service is right for you. There's more updates always being made.